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David Carmichael Financial Expert, Trading and Money Market Expert, David Carmichael Property and Finance Specialist, Hedge Fund Manager, Property Expert, Orginator of Lease Options in the UK, David Robert Carmichael FX Expert, Adverse Possession, Lease Options Expert. Author “The Property Investment Manual” Author of “Trading the FX and Capital Markets Successfully”

“ I booked David for 3 half days initially, then for half a day per month for a period of 6 months. David is a cross between a business partner, mentor and a no nonsense performer. His sound advice and guidance has given me the knowledge to grow my business with the confidence to explore new opportunities. My business turnover has literally doubled within a 12 month period. I can honestly say that David’s advice has been absolutely invaluable to my business”

                                 A Bennett


“David is straight talking and has the ability to target the areas of your business with direct precision. I saw David for a one to one meeting to review my business; I was given ideas which I could implement to generate additional income streams. I was reassured I was on the right path and doing a good job and we discussed where my strengths lay and also some weaknesses which could be improved on. David also offers further follow up appointments if required, anyone who is stuck, needs a new view point or a different overview of their business this is an ideal solution. David is easy to work with has a great sense of humour and knows what is required for any business, meeting with him can only enhance what you do so long as you are prepared to put the work in!”

                                            Ms C Richards

“I had already been on a training with David in 2001 in relation to investing in property and over the years I have done exceptionally well. Over the past couple of years my property business had started to stagnate as the property prices kept on increasing and more and more investors were coming into the market. This being the case I was looking for additional streams of income and booked a workshop on trading. To be frank I can’t believe that I waited for so long to learn about the Financial Markets. Now that I have I wish I’d done it at the same time I learned about property. David’s an exceptional teacher.”

                                   Mr A Littlewood

“I have met no one with the depth of knowledge and the experience that David has.”

                                                                      K Montague

“I had been on several courses trying to be successful with my Trading and spent thousands of pounds. It took me over 4 years of struggling before I met David. That’s when everything turned around for me. I can’t thank him enough for his help.”

                                                                                         H Peterson

“If you are thinking about learning how to trade or investing in property it’s really a no brainer. Take advantage of David’s talents.”

                     S Agbontaen